About us

  • The company of Bačani Transporti d.o.o.
    was established in 1971 as carrying trade
    dealing exclusively with inland
    transportation in the area of ex-
  •  By the beginning of the ‘90s, with
    exceptional effort and diligent work of the
    owner, the company is expanding, the
    number of vehicles is increasing and we
    are starting with international transport.
  •  Today, the company has 18 sophisticated
    vehicles, equipped with the state-of-the-
    art technology meeting all European
    standards. We keep track of the trends
    and we are constantly investing into
    human resources and the fleet.


  • Our company indubitably represents a synonym
    for excellent service quality of shipping transport.
  • International company BAČANI TRANSPORTI
    represents itself as a family company and is active
    in import and outport in Southeastern Europe, as
    well as in other european routes.
  •  Our goal is high quality service in shipping and
    transport domain which we adjust to alternative
  •  We are also specialized for oversized and special
    transport through our classic trailers, but also a
    large number of flatbed trailers of different size
    and transport capacity are included.
  •  To satisfy ecological and economic conditions,
    trucks are equiped with 5.6 litre engines and
    newest security technology in accordance with
    valid regulations from EU.

Special transport

  • Bačani Transporti company
    also deals with organization
    and transportation of special
  •  We have 7 units available in
    charge of special cargo
  • In segment of special transport, which is our primary aspect of
    work, we offer transport service of heavy and oversized cargo in
    domestic and international trade with expert entourage and
    professional and experienced drivers.
  • If we're talking about more demanding transport, our team will take
    care of that the transport is done both professionaly and efficiently
    with taking into consideration all possible difficulties and removing
    them at the same time, respectively doing everything that is
    needed so the oversized cargo is safely transported to desired
    location, which can be across Croatia and also across all Europe.

Technical escort

  • Obtaining licence and escort.
  •  We offer to other transport
    companies services of organizing
    special transport escort in both
    domestic and international trade. We
    also obtain licences for transport. All
    of our available vehicles for escort
    are suited to all technical conditions
    and equiped with a signalization kit.
    Behind the escort vehicles wheel we
    have an expert team with years of
    experience in escorting special
    transport of all sorts of different
    oversized cargo across Croatia.


  • Insurance for merchandise recieved for transport in domestic and
    international trade – CMR insurance
  •  Licence for international road transport of cargo – EU licence
  • Warehouse
  • In the context of our service we also offer high quality storage of
    merchandise, with a lot of positive feedback recieved and many
    satisfied clients, which confirms us as versatile and reliable
  • Merchandise of high value
  • Our clients often trust us with high value merchandise transport
    because of the following reasons:
    • Professional escort of shipment
    • Lincenced security of shipment
    • Technologically modern and extremely reliable vehicles for
    • Expert and reliable staff with years of experience
    • Our waranty of merchandise security through the entire course of



Feel free to contact us.
Matije Gupca 28,HR 49210
Zabok, Hrvatska
Email: bacani-transporti@kr.t-com.hr
• Tel: +385 49 214 555
• Tel: +385 98 901 0919